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  • Bashir lives in the Sahrawi refugee camp of Boujdour with his four brothers and two sisters. He was born in the neighbouring refugee camp of Laâyoune. He went to school in the camps, and had the chance to travel to Spain thanks to a programme that allows Sahrawi children aged between seven and 12 to spend the summer with a host family in Europe.
  • Born in the Laâyoune refugee camp, Fahda has four sisters and two brothers. She has a degree in political sciences, specialising in international relations. Today she works as a nutrition awareness monitor in the camps (working for a humanitarian organisation).
  • Born in the Laâyoune refugee camp, Luali is now married and has a child of his own living in the camp. Having obtained a degree in accounting, he currently teaches Spanish in a school in Laâyoune, but also earns a living as a hairdresser.