Call for Tenders - Final evaluation of a multi-year project

Oxfam-Solidarité, an international non-governmental humanitarian and development aid organisation.

Launches a National Call for Tenders n°21-011 for: Final evaluation of a multi-year project

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  1. Context:

Oxfam has been active in the Sahrawi Refugee Camps since 1975, conducting humanitarian and resilience activities, particularly in Emergency Food Security & Vulnerable Livelihoods (EFSVL). Oxfam has been involved in providing food distributions to vulnerable, food insecure Sahrawi refugees for many years. More recently, Oxfam has added a focus on improving the agricultural production of Sahrawi refugee households.

This is mainly in order to improve food security and nutritional indicators, given the ongoing poor food security situation in the camps, as well as the deteriorating health indicators in the refugee camps. At the same time, we seek to support resilience and self-reliance of Sahrawi refugees in accessing improved livelihoods and promoting local empowerment. We are especially focused on participation of vulnerable Sahrawi women and youth in resilience programming, in order to ensure sustainable food security and promote meaningful opportunities, social inclusion and peace.

From 2018-21, Oxfam engaged in a multi-year project with funding from Sida with the following expected Results:

  • Result 1 – Dietary diversity is ensured through the distribution of 125,000 rations of fresh vegetables over the summer and a special distribution of gluten-free flour to the celiac population (around 800 persons) over a twelve-month period.
    • Diversification of the Sahrawi refugees’ food basket is an identified need in the camps. The distribution of fresh food and gluten-free flour contributes significantly to the diversification of the food basket, complementing the WFP distribution and bringing about nutritional benefits. The expectation is that micronutrient dietary deficiencies will be reduced for the whole population and the health of the celiac population will be significantly improved.
  • Result 2 – Small-scale family and agro-ecological farming (around 1,100 families over the three years) are strengthened, allowing increased food security and social and economic resilience of refugees, with a focus on women and youth.
    • This will be delivered by consolidating local good practice, assisting improved production means and adaptive climate management. The result will be improved food security and nutritional content, in conjunction with enhanced economic resilience. This economic resilience is meant to gradually reduce refugee dependence on humanitarian aid. An important gender justice component is envisioned to promote the participation of women.

In order to evaluate the success of the project, Oxfam is launching a call for tenders to identify an evaluator to conduct the final project evaluation.

  1. Evaluation Objectives:

The aim of the evaluation is to provide an independent assessment of the EFSVL project in the Sahrawi Refugee camps, with a focus on general and targeted food distributions and agricultural resilience activities. The following objectives are envisioned:

  • Assess the achievement of the project's results with respect to the objectives set forth within the project logframe and documents.
  • Assess the perception of the action by the different stakeholders and its impact on them.
  • Assess the operational strategy and methodological frameworks used such as capacity building methodologies and analyze whether they have been the most appropriate for the achievement of the expected results.
  • Highlight recommendations and lessons learned to improve future actions and inform strategy development, especially related to the following points:
    • Determining how and whether to continue working in each of the 3 regional gardens.
    • Improving our approach to working with cooperatives.
    • Scaling up our distributions to the celiac population.
    • Improving gender trainings with partners.
    • Improving our general distributions.

3. How to apply

Deadline for sending offers is 10/02/2021 at 23h59 via Email :

1- identification form filled in

2-Signed general terms and conditions of purchase

3- Financial offer

4- Signed ethical and professional supplier conduct 

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Wednesday, 27 January, 2021 to Wednesday, 10 February, 2021