Climat : la communauté internationale assiste à l’apathie de la Belgique


Oxfam salue bien sûr l’engagement de la communauté internationale à financer le Fonds vert à hauteur de 9,2 milliards de dollars. Ce financement a été annoncé suite à la conférence qui a eu lieu à Berlin pour assurer au Fonds vert pour le Climat une base solide. Néanmoins, la Belgique mais aussi l’Australie, l’Autriche, l’Irlande ou le Canada n’ont par contre pris aucun engagement.

« En l'absence de décision sur le partage des efforts entre les régions et le fédéral, la Belgique a, une fois de plus, fait piètre figure », déplore Brigitte Gloire, responsable du plaidoyer Climat pour Oxfam-Solidarité. « Il faut que les différents niveaux de pouvoir parviennent à s'entendre avant la conférence de Lima. »


Oxfam and numerous countries had called on governments to provide $10-15 billion to capitalize the Fund before the next round of UN climate negotiations in Lima, Peru in December. The $9.2 billion total falls short of this target. Brigitte Gloire said :

“Poor people around the world are trying to build resilient communities and fight back against longer droughts, harsher storms and stronger floods.” “Developed countries must show they are serious about fulfilling their commitment to the small farmers, fisherfolk and small business owners who are the true leaders in the global response to climate change. These pledges will help get the fund off the ground, but they are only a modest first step. Every dollar we invest in preparedness today can save up to seven dollars in future cost.”

The Green Climate Fund is intended to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for the unavoidable impacts of a changing climate and develop in a sustainable way. Developed countries promised to mobilize $100 billion per year in climate finance by 2020, a large portion of which is expected to be channeled through the Green Climate Fund.

Getting the GCF off to a good start and delivering on the $100 billion commitment is a crucial piece of the international talks. Negotiators in Lima will seek to make progress on several critical areas related to climate finance including how and when their national pledges will be put on the table in the future, and how those pledges will be assessed for their adequacy. Some pledges announced today still lack crucial details including whether they are from loans, are reallocated from existing aid or have unknown strings attached. Brigitte Gloire said :

“Financial support from developed countries should be a building block for a global climate agreement, not a stumbling block.” “Many developed countries have stepped up to give the Green Climate Fund a chance to get on its feet, but more is needed for it to succeed."


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