Oxfam: "EU-aanpak klimaatverandering schiet tekort"

De Europese commissie publiceerde vandaag een communicatie over haar positie in de internationale onderhandelingen over klimaatverandering, in de aanloop naar de klimaattop in Parijs, eind dit jaar.  Brigitte Gloire, beleidsmedewerker klimaat bij Oxfam-Solidariteit, reageert. 
“The European Commission says it knows how a climate deal should be made, but it is not adding enough staple ingredients. We need deeper emissions cuts and more climate finance if Paris is meant to be the recipe for success it must be for curbing catastrophic climate change.” 
“The current EU offer on emission cuts falls too far short of Europe's fair share in preventing runaway climate change hitting the world’s poorest hardest. European leaders must heed the growing calls from the public and from businesses, and stress that this is a starting bid of “at least” 40% cuts, not a best and final offer.”
“The question of how to continue to raise climate finance was kicked once again into the long grass by the EU. If Europe wants the support of developing countries to create a robust deal, they need to come up with solid proposals on how to deliver support in the new agreement and soon – especially for the poorest to adapt to climate impacts. EU leaders should seize the finance-raising options that are within their grasp, like financial transaction taxes and the EU’s emission trading system, and use them to change the negotiating game well before the Paris talks kick off. ”

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